Fall Maintenance

Fall Home Maintenance Checklist – Winterize Your Home

Fall maintenance checklist offering tips and advice to winterize your home’s systems in good working order during the upcoming winter months.

  1. Have your heating system professionally inspected.
  2. Change/clean HVAC air filters. Use a vacuum with brush attachment to clean out the forced air registers and ductwork in your house.
  3. Check the weather-stripping around your exterior doors and windows. Repair gaps or other damaged areas.
  4. Inspect the caulking around the exterior doors and windows. Re-apply if necessary to minimize drafts and keep insects out.
  5. Properly “close” your pool. Make sure water is drained from pipes and cover your pool to keep it clean and safe during the “off” season.
  6. Clean your chimney and fireplace to minimize the chance for fire related problems during winter.
  7. Inspect your roof for damaged shingles, flashing, skylights, dormers and etc. Repair as needed.
  8. Inspect all smoke detectors and C/O (Carbon Monoxide) detectors
  9. Drain water from outdoor faucets, garden hoses and underground sprinkler systems to minimize freeze damage.
  10. Test all GFI’s in kitchen, baths, laundry and exterior.